This exhibition showcases medieval manuscripts containing texts about the art of reasoning. Discover what was taught in the medieval classroom, and how readers left their traces in medieval manuscripts while studying and learning. Click here for a general introduction to this site.
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In manuscripts we can see the traces of teachers, students, and readers: they left their markings, thoughts, schemes and drawings in them for us to explore. Read more about this here, where we explain how these portraits of manuscripts allow us to look over the shoulder of medieval writers and readers.

Leiden, UB, VLF 48
Leiden, UB, BPL 88
Paris, BnF, lat. 12949
Paris, BnF, lat. 7900A
Leiden, UB, BPL 25
Einsiedeln, Stiftsbibliothek, Codex 315 (605)
Leiden, UB, BPL 139B
Paris, BnF, lat. 11127
Leiden, UB, BPL 84
Leiden, UB, GRO 22
Leiden, UB, VLQ 103
Leiden, UB, BPL 144
Paris, BnF, lat. 17806
Paris, BnF, lat. 2923
Note The Art of Resoning in Medieval Manuscripts